Doorbells Are Always Scary

Bar Graph day fun Home Alone night sounds - 4810811904
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Excitement level of a Blockbuster Movie

month movies night opening - 2328904960
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Times of the Day

time day night - 6674480128
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Reasons my car alarm is going off

car alarm Pie Chart night sleep - 6657742848
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Should Just Say, "All the Time"

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Replotted: slenderman is obviously creepier

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Procrastination on Homework

after before homework Line Graph morning night procrastination school - 2697913088
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Why I Prefer Spring and Fall

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menstruation - event correlation

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Sleep, and Repeat

fap night Skyrim video games - 6078679552
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Oh Hey Insomnia

energy insomnia night Pie Chart sleep - 4636070912
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Snow Day Cycle

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I'm a Night Owl

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