What my Bachelor's Degree does:

job looks nice Pie Chart wall - 3150635520
By weebs86

The Girl Paradox

annoying asshole date girls hot idiot nice paradox smart ugly venn diagram women - 2577988864
By gilgatex

Driver Courtesy

Bar Graph commute holidays home nice own - 2983157760
By djxealot


smart nice pretty - 7684726272
By icanhazzahalp

Evilness according to people

Bar Graph evil jerk kanye west nice normal satan - 3309664768
By kittybird

Shoe Shopping

arm comfortable expensive feet leg looking nice shoes shopping size ugly venn diagram - 2792591872
By whisperedkiss

The Boy paradox

asshole dumb gay handsome nerd nice paradox smart venn diagram - 2596182528
By dvhk

Back By Unpopular Opinion

best of week nice popularity venn diagram - 5705806080
By BlankBarcode

This is why I hate corporate meetings

cancelled forgetting hate look meetings nice notes shirt stain stuck time traffic venn diagram - 2632835584
By Unknown