Likelyhood He'll Cheat On You Against Number of Video Games He Owns

cheat games nerd relationship - 1457955072

Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend

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By Xen

Forget the "Social Pyramid"

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By lollol

So I Have This Virus...

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By CommanderBrot

9 Clock

best of week clock math nerd time - 6461579520
By Unknown

The Boy paradox

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By dvhk

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By zombiehunter509

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By Sodaburger

Nerd Love Solve for "i"

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By Tsukasasoul

Amount of Clothing Worn by that Shy, Quiet, Cute, Nerdy Chick

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By StarsHallelujah

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By teehee989


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So This is How the Zombie Apocalypse Starts

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By Unknown

Know Your Nerds

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By Unknown

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By TheStig1214