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By AngelicaMassacure

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By Unknown

Aw man, not again!

closet narnia Pie Chart - 3932378112
By Unknown

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By nacholibre4497

Somewhere in Narnia

equestria friends narnia Pie Chart tardis - 5612155136
By BucDouble93

Where My Mail Is Delivered Base On Importance

bills delivery junk mail narnia neighbor - 1998515456
By matth6761

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By solrosan

I Know It's Here Someplace

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By Clom666

What happens when my phone drops

battery cell phone cracked drop narnia Pie Chart - 6249921024
By Unknown

Where socks end up after doing the laundry

clothes laundry narnia socks - 1900290304
By MyNameBeStudz

The Lion, the Witch and the Bag

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By jalexbarakarth

Locations of Tupperware Lids

dirty dishes kitchen lids lost narnia tupperware - 2065807104
By Grobanite23

Bar Graph chores dirty dishes kitchen narnia - 3890866176
By Heist

Availability of salespeople, by situation

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By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy