Probability of Calling Someone a Genius

Death first genius mother name write - 2359667456
By Unknown

"Whatever the Hell Your Name Is"

mom name parents Pie Chart - 5292449024
By lunateeawr

What's Your Unicorn Name?

unicorn Chart name - 8009172480
By Unknown

What's Your Movie Monster Name?

monster Chart name - 7888615168
Via the meta picture

Names I Call My Dog

pet dogs name Pie Chart - 7001310464
By Unknown

Images Drawn in a Fogged Window

body drawings name windows - 1849528064
By TheAtarian1

Things I can name

countries Line Graph movies name president quotes - 2507761920
By Unknown

Holy Name Popularity Graph, Batman!

Line Graph batman name - 7058926848
By jc2581 (Via Reddit)

Rappers Gonna Rap

celeb infographic Music name rap - 3893690880
By Unknown