The second mouse is smart, and will always get the cheese. It's not always the early bird who gets the worm, so no more Mr. mice guy.

It'd Like to Think It Helps

Pie Chart mouse - 5231355648
Created by Unknown

Who Just Uses Their Mouse to Make Graphs?

graphs mouse thumbs venn diagram - 4287134976
Created by kilimbo

The Faster You Click, The Faster You Fix It

broken computer mouse Pie Chart the simpsons - 4560960256
Created by Ballsackistan

Bar Graph books box dr seuss environmental fox house mouse probability social there - 3418755072
Created by Hello_Cthulhu

computer mouse Pie Chart - 3885673728
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University Computer Labs

current internet keyboard missing mouse old power software sorry university venn diagram web working - 3156758272
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disney jonas brothers miley cyrus money mouse venn diagram - 4036977152
Created by Max-Harley

The Flight of the Worker Bee

alone boss computer infographic Line Graph mouse Office - 4576701184
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An Hour of Playing Skyrim: POV of the Mouse

mouse Skyrim video games - 5561665280
Created by BurtaciousD