What time I plan to get up vs. What time my 3-year-old son wakes up

Bar Graph child morning parents school sleep wake up - 2599784704
By jksterup

I Pick My Outfit From Bed

morning Pie Chart sleep - 5301020672
By Unknown

dreams Inception Line Graph monday morning sense - 4002666496
By lautnerlover991

I'm a Night Owl

day morning night Pie Chart - 5302914560
By yukiyo89

The Best Part of Waking Up Is...

morning amazing sleep waking up - 6795444992
By Red1Fawx

Taco Bell Is Missing an Opportunity

bed cereal morning Pie Chart taco bell - 4407554304
By Unknown

Wake Up in the Evening Feeling Fired from Work

alarm keha morning Pie Chart snooze - 4266675456

I'm Sure It Can Wait

friend morning problems texting Pie Chart - 5312524544
By candygal101100

Should Just Say, "All the Time"

morning night cereal - 5108285440
By Unknown

Pièce de résistance of the internet

wtf gas gross farts morning - 6718816256
By SolidGoldChimp

Feeling for My Alarm Clock

morning Pie Chart sleeping waking up - 4356161792
By cook_ayy

The Most Bittersweet of Days

morning weekend Pie Chart - 5318807552
By Unknown

Occupation Vs. Wake Up Time

artist doctor evening hobo morning time wake up - 2175305984
By sarahrockel

Fundamental Differences

bathrooms boyfriend class food girlfriend morning p33n school sleep work - 1811327232
By Unknown

Procrastination on Homework

after before homework Line Graph morning night procrastination school - 2697913088
By Suuchan

How comfortable your bed is

comfort morning sleep - 1807311104
By CatofUlthar
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