Over Nine-Thousand Shades of Awful

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An Endless Cycle

cycle dad mom parents Pie Chart - 6005308672
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Usage of the semi-colon in text messages

friends legitimate long messages mom Pie Chart sex text texting typos - 3098451712
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It Could Still Happen

chores life mom Pie Chart - 4838559488
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Why I'm wearing a jacket

jacket mom Pie Chart - 7051965952
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Appeal of Twilight in relation to age of girl.

age girl Line Graph mom mother scary twilight - 2667985664
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According to my mother: why I am going to a university on the opposite coast

education family mom school - 1401338112
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embarassing mom movies TV - 4006672384

Recurring Garfield Jokes

actually comedian fat garfield hearing jokes mom monday new original people Pie Chart said stupid venn diagram - 2946559488
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Classic: Just No

no mom parents Pie Chart - 5288030208
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Why I go shopping with my mom

mom Pie Chart sad but true shopping - 6472248832
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When My Mom Asks Me to do Something

chores graphs mom funny - 7440502272
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mom old people Pie Chart teenagers tweens - 4227182848
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Husband Hearing Chart

call full hearing husband Line Graph love mom sex trash - 2470442240
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If You're Lucky, She'll Still Do Your Laundry in College

Bar Graph kids mom relationships - 4594534144
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