Banana Cream and Everything

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By OllyRokz

No, Don't Tell Me What You Like!

commercials mom Pie Chart tampons television - 4249159680

It's Probably Just Your Mom Thinking You're Dead

annoying mom phone Pie Chart voicemail - 4654267904
By Unknown

From a Child's Perspective

christmas holiday kissing santa mom parents children Pie Chart - 6881321472
Via Bite

An Endless Cycle

cycle dad mom parents Pie Chart - 6005308672
By Unknown

Airplane seating

airplane angry bladder child fat gum mom monster obese sleeping weight window - 2940187648
By cRiS0078

Classic: A Face Only a Mother Could Love

relationships mom Pie Chart - 5238920192
By Unknown


cars distance driving man mom passenger woman - 1760465152
By Spencer Garrison

But Mom!

Bar Graph mom Pokémon video game - 6045263616
By dmbostonboy

Appeal of Twilight in relation to age of girl.

age girl Line Graph mom mother scary twilight - 2667985664
By EliCarro

Why I go shopping with my mom

mom Pie Chart sad but true shopping - 6472248832
By kaseyD2

If You're Lucky, She'll Still Do Your Laundry in College

Bar Graph kids mom relationships - 4594534144
By platapus1234

It Could Still Happen

chores life mom Pie Chart - 4838559488
By Unknown

The Reason I Call My Mom a Dragon Lady

cycle flow chart hoarders mom - 4871980800
By MoxieRose

conversation epic FAIL legitimate like mom Pie Chart win youth - 3470860544
By bagels4321

b00bs Noobs

mom Pie Chart sex xbox - 4310704640
By Unknown
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