Reasons I Became An Engineer

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By Unknown

Other People's Responses to the fact that I am a Computer Science Major

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By lucyrickyalex

Now You're Thinking in Portals

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By Unknown

Are There Really Any Other Options?

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By Unknown

You've Probably Never Read It

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By greenwatches

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By greenlantern1416

So You Like Reading About Dead People?

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By rockinINgc

Starving Artist

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By Unknown

What people say when I tell them I am a Geography major

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By Thresholdian_Summer

Re-Plotted: I Just Find Humanity So Stimulating

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By aggman

Can You Write Me a Poem?

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By Franklinad

Are You Some Sort of Masochist?

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By Unknown


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By Ace_of_memes

What About Doing It For the Science, You Monster?

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By pwjones


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By Unknown

Don't Tell Me It's Because I Want to Marry My Mother

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By Scampers36
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