I Got 99 Problems

life people Pie Chart problems - 4572220928
By Unknown

Permanently Stuck in the Red

artist cycle infographic life pro - 4438239488
By Unknown

Aim for the Gutter; You Can't Miss

jobs life Pie Chart - 5220872704
By Unknown


life procrastination venn diagram - 6535091456
By shoopdawhooplolz

Life vs. School

life school - 6107878400
Via I Love Charts

It Could Still Happen

chores life mom Pie Chart - 4838559488
By Unknown

Graph-tastic Birthday Card

birthday card cute life dating - 6687747072
Via Josh Sundquist

So Lady-Like

crush embarrassing life Pie Chart - 4819919872
By Penny_Laine

You are here

funny life smart - 1551444224
By corgimaster

Braveheart the Kleptomaniac

free life Pie Chart - 4266736896
By Unknown

New Math

life equations math - 6787959552
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They're Just Trying to Help

embarrassing friends life Pie Chart - 4659305984
By Wikit13

Current Science Research Budget

alien Bar Graph budget cancer cure current gadgets internet life people research science swine flu TV weird - 2401440000
By Willosaur360

True Fact:

insomnia life sleep venn diagram - 4649319168
By Unknown

Your life according to Monty Python:

life TV - 6540079360
By B-Dasher

All the Best Things in Life

embarrassment life - 7063941632
Via Wendymacnaughton
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