box cookies infographic lies - 4564873472
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The Little White Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids

infographic lies parenting - 7937401344
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The Truth About Chicken

chicken finger food lies - 1727383296
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lies Pie Chart true women - 4829101568

dentist floss lies Pie Chart teeth - 4421535744
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cinema hollywood lies movies venn diagram war - 3844295936
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It Takes a Long Time To Talk Yourself Into Putting Your Pants On

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Behold the Lies!

lies test study - 7341677056
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Mommy and Daddy Love You

age Bar Graph lies love parents - 4350624000
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dont lies Pie Chart say sorry talk technology text want - 3345489664
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Let's Eat

bored hungry lies Pie Chart - 4775009536
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Gross Exaggeration

anatomy Bar Graph lies size truth - 4697767168
Created by Jhat

Biggest lies in the internet

internet lies Pie Chart - 7095400704
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Vote for Sir Mix-a-Lot

lies sir mix-a-lot - 7318550016
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Let's All Be Clear About This

lies truth BS - 7739966976
Created by Brian

There's No Place Like Home

lies love Pie Chart wizard of oz - 4426760960
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