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Replotted: I'm Just That Manly

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By Unknown

Laziness: the Leading Cause of Beards

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The dishes have become self aware and are replicating on their own.

Line Graph dishes messy laziness - 6650892288
By bobtron

Sometimes Laziness Is Manliness

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By lolfadi

When I'm Late for Work

boss laziness traffic work - 6532286720
By geekerry

What people mean when they say "It's a long story."

Pie Chart laziness boring - 6636621056
By slotz13

Just Chillin

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By Unknown

Reasons people use internet explorer

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How lazy I am

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By CaptainBeerHeart

I Am Not a Morning Person

best of week breakfast laziness Pie Chart showering sleep snooze - 6443045120
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Like a Thousand Muscles Cried Out at Once

laziness Pie Chart star wars the force - 4233722112
By barox6

I'll Finish This Later

laziness list - 6598799104
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