Well, Looks Like I'm Not Going to School Today

alarm late Pie Chart school - 5359453184
By afcicco132

Loudness when opening plastic containers with cookies

container cookies food home late loud Party plastic sound - 2290818304
By Unknown

Falling asleep VS. being woken up

alarm annoying asleep impossible late simple sleep sleeping work - 2053864704
By breahali

Bed Time vs. Age

age bed early late old time young - 2330868992
By rmayt

Me Missing Work vs. Boss Noticing

bar graphs boss day early image late long lunch minutes missing normal work working - 3059204864
By dcalive

According to Teachers, the worst things in the world are

late Pie Chart teachers try wikipedia work world worst - 2986911488
By duobrowman

When Guests Arrive

arrive bar graphs bathroom early late time - 3159387136
By HTiger

Why Do You Want Me to Be Late Every Day

bed Bar Graph comfort morning late - 5312809472
By CheezandCrackers

Also Whenever it Rains

bus late Pie Chart public transportation - 4749823744
By Atheus

Coffee Zodiac

coffee late personality - 7667283968

Percent of Green and Red Lights While Driving

Bar Graph driving early green late lights red traffic work - 2447195392
By KingMercury531

Level of Noise stairs make vs. How late you get home

falling fat guy late Line Graph noises stairs time - 2433159424
By Superdupermexican

How a Government Gets a Job Done

insane late novel science fiction venn diagram - 2816080384
By emanedoc1

Number of times my dog will stop and sniff on a walk

Bar Graph dogs late stop walk - 2563895808
By dogheadbuttchow