Maybe I'll Just Take a Cab

infographic languages weird - 4667226880
By spiceonpsn

I Just Call it the Boot

countries infographic languages spelling weird - 4638874112
By piotr_mil

I Speak a Little English

america best of week languages - 5269155072
By GrinningRat

ads annoying asleep contents DVD languages Movie movies Pie Chart previews price quality sounds - 3452681728
By patmathis

I Also Know Cerveza y Bano

languages me gusta Pie Chart spanish - 4770217216
By iWaddle

Yeah, That Totally Counts

english languages Pie Chart spanish - 4259701760
By tml09006

The Country Where I Want to Be

Finland infographic languages spelling weird - 4643449344
By stag3k

Are You Sure It's Not a Banana?

banana english fruits infographic languages - 4601357824
By nelde

But Somehow Bandana Is the Same

banana english japanese languages spanish spreadsheet バナナ - 4580735488
By Unknown

Russian, Greek, and Latin Letters

alphabet best of week greek languages latin letters venn diagram - 6299917312
Via I Love Charts

That Makes It Sound So Ordinary

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By martindurin2

Kiss Me Through The Simi

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By Schpang

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By Ze_Moufette

50 Awesome Facts About Languages

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By neomam (Via