Things parents don't want their kids to see

Bar Graph Blood change channel cleavage gore kids language no parents see - 2709806848
By midknight8

The Newest Batch of Proposed German Words for the Human Condition

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Via NY Times: Opinion Pages

It's Not Like You Kick the Ball With Your Feet or Something

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By Unknown

Use This Easy-Flow American/British Translation Chart

British Chart language - 7916559872
By Unknown

Knowledge of Greek

greek words language - 6975005440
By PrincessWordplay

Uses of Their/There/They're By People 12-20 online

computers internet language spelling their there theyre - 2014094080
By crazycrayons

family language parents Pie Chart swearing - 4060129536
By ignus34


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By Unknown

Translation Guide Fixed for Work

boss Chart work language - 7876125952
By Unknown

Shiitake Mushrooms!

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By Ethanol10

Movie Franchise Lexicon: Remake or Reboot or Reimagination or Retcon?

movies language infographic - 7889018112
Via empire online

Classic: I Speak a Little English

english language countries classic - 5260430848
By Niels

It's as Bad as It Looks

best of week english german grammar language - 6062173952
By Unknown

I Know a Few Swears, Too

language learning Pie Chart - 4827673088
By cherryhaha

How often 'eh' is said

americans canadians fun language situational humor - 1767796480
By takedown1

cat language meow Pie Chart - 3885596416
By mizlilly236
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