Odds of Me Getting Fired

fired job - 1478172416
By stonewalljackman

Cushiest Job in the World

job Pie Chart work - 4368653568
By thelivingdrew

Probability that customer will complain about gas prices

complain customer gas job prices - 1485445376
By jscheids

Honest and Accurate

hate job arrive accurate - 4505108224
By Omegasuperman

Level of Trust vs. Occupation

cars doctor engineer homeless job teacher trust work - 2080691456
By tentilizer


job working Line Graph unemployment - 6937731072
Via The Daily Snooze

Things that are apparently my fault according to Customers

business customers job problems - 1516696832
By buttons988

My Job Search

experience job jobs search steve jobs - 1739754240
By shigpit

The Job Paradox

boring boss commute decent job salary venn diagram - 2707495680
By Unknown

Motivation for doing a PhD

college doctor job school studying university - 2054365952
By Unknown

Reasons I wear headphones at work

headphones job Music Pie Chart work - 6283786752
By Unknown

I Make How Much an Hour?!

Bar Graph college job salary - 5223241472
By StarsHallelujah

Chance of keeping your job if you're WRONG more than 75% of the time

doctor engineer job president weather wrong - 2059827456
By jpblue87

Why I have no idea what to do for a living

job work venn diagram - 7027957248
By IamLordVoldemort

Purpose of a Sims Game

always cheat games house job kill money rare Sims video games - 2065162496
By geeill

My Typical Work Day

best of week job procrastination productivity work - 6236977152
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