Actual People On A Teenage Chatroom.

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By skatesock

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By wizzawazza

They're Both Over-Estimating the Number of Normal People

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Chances of a Power Outage

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By ZeldasSage

Who young people turn to for help these days

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By Dog_lover22

Mostly Through Windows

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By cyr

Online comments

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By goomb

number of times I select "next page" on cheezburger

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By network-failure

Current Science Research Budget

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By Willosaur360

Things that Come Out

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By l0rddavid

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By amtn30

Thank God for Them Internets

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By Unknown

That's a Small Percentage

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By Unknown

Those Poor Internetless Souls

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By silverknight727

All Hail Your Browser History

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By Unknown

Chance of people believing an outrageous statement

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By OriginalObe
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