attractiveness girls internet IRL Pie Chart world of warcraft - 4561987328
By Unknown

People who have insomnia

insomnia internet Pie Chart teens - 6334397184
By Unknown

Timewasting (pre-MySpace)

internet social media status Pie Chart - 6890048512
By Unknown

Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery

facebook friends internet suck welcome - 1811299072
By thepacz

Original Content Is a Myth

content internet Pie Chart - 4724150016
By Waterloo

Mostly Through Windows

computer internet online Pie Chart roommate windows - 4326850304
By cyr

People Who Email Me

big computer email friends internet myspace p33n Pie Chart spam - 2462833920
By hobojo94
infographic internet Video - 18998529

The State of the Internet

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Memechart of Procrastination

assignments faces infographic internet meme school - 4699910656
Via F Yeah Albuquerque

Internet Dating

attractive computer dating internet picture ugly - 2099341056
By Unknown

Re-Plotted: Problem, Flame Warriors?

god internet Pie Chart - 5337538560
By rasberrylatte09


internet Music - 1661952256
By C1991

Where I Learn Engrish Too

english internet lyrics Pie Chart school speaking - 4391805440
By Unknown

How people research things

internet people research wikipedia - 2300029184
By jeddycakes

Where to Find These People

craigslist internet pedophiles - 2139023104
By Mantis15

How to Scare Kids now

internet kids lying monster Pie Chart room scare stuff - 2729698816
By ittehbittehkitteh
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