Fast Food Items with 1000 Calories and more

calories health obesity infographic fast food - 6889786624
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Starcraft to Scale

starcraft scale infographic - 7777452288
Created by Unknown
facts infographic Video - 16159489

You Won't Get Fooled Again

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Is It Game Over for Console Gaming?

video games infographic - 6938197248
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What About the Chainsaw?

best of week infographic survival zombie zombie apocalypse - 5364643328
Via Worldwide Medical Insurance

Take Us, Robot Overlords

infographic interesting robots - 5203748864
Created by May ( Via )

Sexytimes Are the Best of Times

infographic sexytimes - 4913486080
Created by Unknown

Laugh, For Your Health Dummy!

infographic health laughing - 7939494400
Created by NowSourcing ( Via )

Comparing All of Major League Baseball's Parks

baseball infographic MLB - 7854305792
Via jeremy huggins

It Makes So Much Sense Now

bread cheese food pyramid infographic pizza triangle - 4156413696
Created by Unknown

They Can't Possibly Think Their Tans Actually Look Good, Right?

infographic jersey shore psychology - 5182525440
Created by patrickbeach ( Via )

How To Make A Ke$ha

celeb infographic Music - 3725526016
Created by yourfriendlyneighborhoodcheezburger

doctor infographic rage guy - 4132643584
Created by Unknown

Gummy Grizzlies

bears candy food infographic - 4644570112
Via I Love Charts

No Citations Needed For This Factual Chart

infographic Pie Chart - 7835064576
Created by Unknown

Harry Potter vs Twillight

Harry Potter twilight infographic - 7130128896
Created by Qwertzuy ( Via Arguscarhire )
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