The Stephen King Universe

best of week books flow chart horror universe - 6303496960
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Horror of Name Vs. It's Actual Scariness

horror scary - 7703851264
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Chances of Being in a Slasher Film

horror hot chick movies police rappers - 1767727872
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Scariness of Horror Movie

bed horror movies scared scary - 2084635392
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horror killer movies Pie Chart real life walking - 3351562496
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Chances that the bad guy you just shot a bunch of times is really dead.

action bad Bar Graph dead guy horror movies real life shot - 3172467200
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Taste in Movies

Blood horror movies musicals serial killers taste venn diagram - 2450737408
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Popularity of Saw Movies compared to Number of Sequels

halloween horror movies sequels - 2694610688
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Cars Are So Unreliable

cars driving horror movies Pie Chart thriller - 4815086592
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Life Expectancy in Horror Films

die dumb guns horror movies - 2416812800
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Where the monster is in horror movies

behind horror left monster movies right scary waiting - 2231475456
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All That Soda Doesn't Help

day horror movies pee Pie Chart soda - 5652999936
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Bar Graph cooking horror killer knife sex shower - 4123207424
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