It's The Thought That Counts

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Created by Indilwyn_M

What Happens If You Fail Summer School?

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Created by maryanne_lousianna

My College Life

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Via I Love Charts

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Created by manrayer88


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Free Time

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Created by mbrewer

Purpose of an MP3 PLayer

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Created by Kittrio

When Should I Do My Homework?

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Created by hahamaster33

Mom, I Need Help with my Homework

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Created by mythago

No More Pencils, No More Books

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Created by funnygirllol

Excuses, Excuses

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Created by MathijsDemper

Because You Just Don't Want To

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Created by Unknown

My Brain Wants Me to Fail

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Created by jialiu1998

Portable Distraction Device

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Created by grabmapaw

Reasons I Do Homework

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Created by dglvr8600

What Makes Me Fall Asleep Immediately

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Created by Tanvir
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