The Venn of the Holidays

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By thekidscallmeblue

The Pacifist Alternative to Sword Fighting

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By Unknown

Man, I'd Be Eating Lunch Right Now. SUCKER.

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By Unknown

Calendar of Meaningful Dates

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By Unknown

Thanksgiving Dinner sizes

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Don't Forget About Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party?

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By Ostrich_Man

Offensively Shaped Chocolate Is Always a Good Idea

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By Gardevoir_Gurl (Via

What Christmas so far has taught me

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By TorterraDude

Black Friday

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By Rachelbarney (Via Ereplacementparts)

Time spent during Christmas

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By w0lft0r

Hope You Saved the Receipt!

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By GregoryR

Driver Courtesy

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By djxealot

All Things Halloween in Graphs and Charts

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Via the gentlemans armchair

When I have to do dishes

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By w0lft0r

Turkey & Travel

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Via Daily Infographic

Australian Holidays in a Pinch

australia holidays venn diagram - 7930923008
By daniandan
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