Christmas songs

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By Savagespike101

Types of customers I encounter this holiday season.

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By ACook531

From a Child's Perspective

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Hope You Had a Good Break. Now, Get Back to Your School Work!

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By Unknown

The Best Part of Boxing Day

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By daniandan

Holiday Dreams

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By Bert-n-Ernie (Via Cagle)

What Do Chocolate Bunnies Have to Do With Jesus Again?

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Forget Charity and Kindness, I Want Presents!

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By Unknown

How Are Those Resolutions Going?

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More Like Holiday Hobbit Eating Habits

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By kveprek

Belief in Santa

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By Essylt

Chances The Stranger You Just Spoke to is Jewish

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By HarleeKwinn

It Only Takes so Many Beers Before You Start Launching Them at People

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By floatinghobbit

Holiday Food Drive

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By Unknown

Items Bought at Christmas

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By whop
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