It's springtime for hitler, and Germany, that's it. 

Could Be Much Worse

fears hipsters hitler Line Graph - 5621230080
By Robotzombie13

i Don't Want to Live on this Planet Anymore

hitler the internets whatdoestheinternetthink - 6009096704
By Ventilator

You're All Talk

Bar Graph best of week hitler kill murder talk - 5646818304
By Treeninja314

They All Go into Hiding

diary Harry Potter hiding hitler venn diagram voldemort - 4405707008
By Unknown

This Is Not the Evil Empire You're Looking For

Bar Graph george lucas hitler what does the internet th - 5993868288
By Unknown

GraphJam: Facial Hair Chart

facial hair hitler - 5756426496
By deadmeat1492 (Via Graph Jam)

Something About Sauerkraut and Hefeweizen

german Germany hitler How People View Me nazi - 5027063552
By TheBetterLife