What I Hate in the World

children choir crap disney channel elementary school hannah montana hate pop songs singing terrible venn diagram voices world - 3019021056
By graphmalz

Song Love to Times Heard Ratio

hate love - 7775504640
By Unknown

How Fast Time Travels

concert fast friends hate Line Graph talking time Travel - 2581928960
By sotownsend

More Bar Graphs, Please

color blind hate Pie Chart self referential - 5844911104
By reganelysabeth

Likelihood that my opinion will seriously anger people

American Idol anger Bar Graph crap gay marriage hack hate metal opinions people silly taylor swift twilight - 3099746304
By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy


facebook hate Line Graph social media - 6310892544
By Unknown

I Swear to God If There Is One Tiny Grammatical Mistake...

Bar Graph grammar hate interwebs - 5760468992
By DanDaLuker

The Holiday Paradox

hate holiday love paradox people thanksgiving time venn diagram - 2519787776
By carpenihil

That's Why Old Couples Hate Each Other

age attractiveness couples hate old - 5443914752
By RavenRawr

Well, Nuts!

Bar Graph food hate nuts - 5185203968
Via @jakeandamir

I Love Them All Equally No Matter What

family hate love rage venn diagram - 6595895040
By Hiken_no_Rex

This is why I hate corporate meetings

cancelled forgetting hate look meetings nice notes shirt stain stuck time traffic venn diagram - 2632835584
By Unknown

Things the internet hates

hate internet nickleback Pie Chart - 6591283456
By Boxman_BEOTCH

Things That Came Out of Pandora's Box

Death disease disney channel dora the explorer evil hate hunger Pie Chart - 3210126336
By Fauch

Hatred Is Bliss

hate like love Pie Chart relationships - 4746772480
Via I Love Charts

What Students Do After Taking A One Year Break From College

break college degree die hate math off package post perform Pie Chart poverty smart students teach teaching theater theatre time uncomfortable waiting - 2380742912
By robstennett3
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