Harry Potter

Replotted: Don't Act Like You're So Special, Voldemort

Harry Potter Pie Chart story villain voldemort - 5447180288
By Quigley

Book Potter vs. Movie Potter

best of week books characters Harry Potter Movie - 6422683648
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Probability of people solving mysteries in Harry Potter

crime experience fighting Harry Potter kids magic mystery wizards - 2668019712
By EliCarro


Harry Potter venn diagrams halo graphs funny - 7548017152
By BioBark

Play Nicely Now

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By AM4880

comic sans Death Harry Potter Pie Chart voldemort - 4154227200
By Unknown

RIP Hedwig

Harry Potter Pie Chart - 4949949696
By shadowofemirates

That's the Important Stuff

Harry Potter doctor who Pie Chart - 7857271040
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Harry Potter vs Twillight

Harry Potter twilight infographic - 7130128896
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Deja Vu

disney Harry Potter movies star wars - 4845915392
By Unknown

dumbledore Harry Potter mustache Pie Chart - 4380076032

Too Soon, Man

cedric diggory dead Harry Potter Pie Chart - 5609889024
By Unknown

Griffindor: Brave, Nobel, Vital to the Story

best of week flow chart Harry Potter Hogwarts story - 5519791360
By brettsch

Does That Mean Wizards are Mutants?!

Harry Potter venn diagram wizards - 4941832704
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The Weasleys Get Poorer

books Harry Potter Hogwarts movies Pie Chart sex voldemort - 4496421888
By biggestharrypotterfans

gross Harry Potter Pie Chart Popcorn - 4109049088
By Unknown
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