Excitement level of when I get home

arrive Bar Graph dinner dogs excitement happy home husband work - 2632097024
Created by XFauxAfflictionX

A Happy Ending?

bella happy Line Graph movies twilight - 4281440768


bad drinks feel find flirting free happy jokes money Office racist save stealing venn diagram work - 2833954304
Created by krizleykrislo

Everybody's SO happy

flow chart reality tv happy - 6687409664
Created by jillthekiller

My reaction to deaths in movies

character cry Death dogs favorite happy Line Graph movies normal person reaction - 2610622208
Created by Loltater

Classic: Unconditional Love

Bar Graph cute dogs happy love - 4987152128

Your Face Will Surely Show It

Turquoise - Are you happy? No Yes Do you know it? No Yes Do you really want to show it? No Yes Don't Clap Clap Your Hands Your Hands
Via Graphic Content

Things I wish for my four year old

believe child college happy Pie Chart stop without word world - 2507709696
Created by adoptingjoseph

Husband Guide to Arguments

arguments guide happy husband right venn diagram wife - 3134865664
Created by preserver3

Songs listened to when sad

better Death dying feel happy listen Pie Chart Sad Songs - 3028499968
Created by katarine1420

Venn Diagram of Feels

best of week feels happy Sad venn diagram - 6157194752
Via Lucid Chart

I Find This Upsetting

anger Bar Graph best of week feels happy - 5847057152
Created by tehvenezuelan

A Guide To Smilies

angry emoticons evil faces happy spreadsheet - 4459561472
Created by Isabel

Who Needs Pants?

wtf pants happy - 5138660096
Created by PwnPal

Happy Medium

happy Line Graph medium punctuation important - 6663215616
Created by RedIronCrown

Fake and Happy

copyright gay happy Pie Chart smells - 4282573312
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