Chances Bad Guy will leave you locked in a room full of handy things to construct an escape weapon/tool with

bad escape guy movies Pie Chart real life room tool weapon - 3143510784
Created by hahaitsfake

Chances that the bad guy you just shot a bunch of times is really dead.

action bad Bar Graph dead guy horror movies real life shot - 3172467200
Created by JohnnyReb27

First thoughts when told "don't press this button"

button guy listen Pie Chart press scare - 2523597568
Created by will_f1986

Level of Noise stairs make vs. How late you get home

falling fat guy late Line Graph noises stairs time - 2433159424
Created by Superdupermexican

What older people really mean when they describe a black guy as "clean cut"

act beard black clean cut facial hair guy neat old people sideburns - 1775510272
Created by viscera_eyes

Chance a guy will sit with legs crossed

body guy legs TV - 1592260352
Created by Sarioscat

Things a guy does when he meets a hot girl

ask Bar Graph current girl girlfriend guy hot ignore number talk text - 2809297664
Created by ranger2009

How far back your seat tilts on an airplane

airplanes guy - 2389909248
Created by dothevu