Anatomy of the Bottom of Your Foot

anatomy feet gross - 6528874240
By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

How Else Am I Supposed to Clean Them?

Bar Graph ears gross - 5117490944
Via The Frogman

How Was All of That Inside of You?

baby gross Line Graph parenting towel - 4994353408
By michaelgschaffer

Rejected Jeopardy Categories

Jeopardy gross TV Pie Chart - 6820338432
By markot9

how girls react to boy wearing axe

Bar Graph boys cologne commercials cute girls gross interest KISS real life reality - 2606324736
By SoiJoi

At Least They're the Appropriate Colors...Usually

food gross lunch noms Pie Chart school - 4529165824
By greenlego57

clean gross hands Pie Chart sticky - 4099350272
By Unknown

Anatomy of a Picnic Table

anatomy eating food gross - 6331651840
By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

What's in the McRib?

fast food food gross McDonald's - 6175789312
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Toothpaste vs. Food

Bar Graph food gross oranges taste toothpaste - 6301790208
By thekidscallmeblue

The Walrus and the Carpenter Disagree

edible gross Pie Chart - 4567508224
By Unknown

I Know Where Your Tongue Has Been

cat gross Pie Chart - 5204459264
By Unknown

I Think You Missed a Spot, Kiddo

girls grandma gross Pie Chart - 4831490304
By Unknown

Right In the Kneecap

bugs gross Pie Chart - 4870758400
By Unknown

Every Public Bathroom Ever

gross Maps public bathroom - 6324068608
Via Pleated Jeans

gross Harry Potter Pie Chart Popcorn - 4109049088
By Unknown
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