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Forgot Nutella for My Spoons!

grocery store memory nutella Pie Chart shopping spoons - 4356666880
By snarkmode

Why People Use Self-Checkout at the Grocery Store

buying embarassed faster grocery store Pie Chart self checkout - 3175817216
By carielie

I'm Going to Pay By Check

check grocery store grocery stores line Pie Chart - 5436891904
By Unknown

grocery store Pie Chart police - 4191289344
By JasonBourne

Small Talk Is the Worst

self checkout grocery store - 5211642880
By Unknown

Sweetart Chart

apples Chart grocery store sweet - 6461583104
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A Map For Every Grocery Store Ever

shopping map food grocery store - 6822878464
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Likelihood of Encountering a Screaming Child

child doctors grocery store headache movies Office restaurant screaming - 2369803520
By radioactivekittens

Revised for More Truth

hate truth grocery store - 7234449920
By niklah9

alcohol Awkward grocery store Pie Chart tampons - 4227102720
By SydBarrett

I, For One, Welcome Our Non-Conversing Overlords

self checkout shopping robots Pie Chart grocery store - 7873974784
By Dr_Derp

availability car grocery store Line Graph parking parking space - 3561865472
By capntom

I Always Bring a Coat to the Frozen Section

Bar Graph cold frozen grocery store - 5750369280
By pishipower

Price of the exact same candy bar vs. location

Bar Graph events free grocery store location movies sports - 2675113984
By MasterKitteh