Staying Home Alone

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Created by WWEfangirl

I Need to Update My Playlists

shuffle Music ipod venn diagrams graphs funny - 4491349760
Created by HaloMasterApollo

Likelihood of experiencing the worst itch ever while performing various activities

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Created by nikau

Why I die in Super Mario Bros

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Created by Unknown

Why My Job Sucks

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Created by maximus4200

Uh Oh!

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I Can Hear Colors!

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"Other" Includes Body Parts That Resemble Other Body Parts

Omegle graphs funny - 4492433664
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Usage of Myspace nowadays

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People who Play Halo 4

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Just Accidentally Opening It is Enough to Incite Murderous Thoughts

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Musical tastes in my family:

Music metallica siblings graphs funny venn diagram - 7497206528
Created by Banamina

USB Sticks

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Reactions to "I play the euphonium."

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Proper Printer Operation

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Created by Medigo

How I eat whipped cream

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