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This Guy's Post-It Note Graphs Illustrate Some of Life's Most 'Too Real' Moments

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Created by Taterdude

People's Reaction To Me Being a Philosophy Student

philosophy graphs funny college - 7439366656
Created by Unknown

What makes the world go round?

love graphs funny money Pie Chart - 7521069568
Created by Unknown

Why I die in Super Mario Bros

pie charts graphs video games Super Mario bros funny - 7565323520
Created by Unknown

Effects of Radiation

pie charts superpowers radiation graphs funny - 7629739520
Created by Unknown


farts aging graphs line graphs funny - 7602152448
Created by allenrw3

When it Rains

graphs funny rain Pie Chart - 7514115072
Created by Unknown

Paralysis Is a One Way Street

Pokémon graphs funny - 7431297792
Created by Unknown

What I do with buckets/pails:

pie charts graphs drums funny - 7559347200
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Those Poor, Poor, Millionaires

best of week downloading graphs Memes money pirates stealing - 5676801024
Created by Unknown

Priorities Set!

graphs Pie Chart school self referential truancy story - 5970237696
Created by TheGent

Just Hit Them Again and Leave

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Created by lorayray

How Would You Like Your Data Today?

Square circle graphs - 7737253632
Created by beernbiccies

Why I Run Up The Stairs At Night

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Created by rumbataz

Time spent playing Skyrim.

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Created by Ikabias