Musical tastes in my family:

Music metallica siblings graphs funny venn diagram - 7497206528
By Banamina

Numbers in console titles

consoles gaming graphs funny - 7497115136
By MasterKitteh

I Knew I Wasn't That Interesting

pie charts twitter graphs funny - 4491589120
By bgarber

Birthday Cards

birthday birthday card aging graphs funny - 4496080640
By Unknown

Four Legs Good, Two Legs BETTER!

bar graphs graphs funny - 4478316544
By Anonymous_Fish

I Haven't Tied These Shoes in Years

pie charts shoes graphs funny - 4480044800
By Unknown

Reasons why your mad

graphs funny comic sans - 7460316160
By Unknown

Why I still play Melee

pie charts graphs video games funny nintendo - 7563362560
By Unknown

Don't Want Any Misunderstandings

pie charts bathrooms work graphs funny - 4489405184

I Can Hear Colors!

caffeine venn diagrams graphs funny - 7608100352
By Unknown

Ice is Back With a Brand New Invention!

venn diagrams graphs funny - 4458265856
By swan854

Available For a Limited Time

pie charts graphs girl scouts funny - 4489144064
By corvusmagnus

What Shoes to Wear to Work Today?

shoes venn diagrams graphs funny - 7534471936
By Unknown

Places where I'm reading

pie charts reading graphs funny - 7539992064
By Unknown

Make Sure You Follow Through

graphs line graphs funny - 4479110144
By Saanengoatgirl

My games, graphed!

Bar Graph game boy graphs video games funny nintendo - 7541717760
By Unknown