Reasons I don't understand graphs on GraphJam

Cats dont graphjam pop culture understand - 1855692032
Created by Unknown

Reasons Puerto Rico Hasn't Been Granted Statehood

graphjam situational humor - 1701462784
Created by nedalton

color graphjam meta Pie Chart - 3553475840
Created by patmathis

100% Accurate:

accurate best of week graphjam Pie Chart self referential - 5433771008
Created by NateTheGrape

Things that Come Out

celeb clothes family graphjam internet - 1719793920
Created by l0rddavid

How Happy I Am With My Job

graphjam job life office humor work - 1676834048
Created by slemory

Does this Graph remind you of the game, "Simon"?

clever comedy games graphjam - 1688190720
Created by ChaosD1

Likelihood of experiencing the worst itch ever while performing various activities

driving graphjam graphs Guitar Hero Music situational humor - 1703708928
Created by nikau

Chance I'll Get Caught by a Red Light

coffee driving graphjam graphs situational humor traffic transportation - 1703835392
Created by museonfire

It's Called GRAPHJam...

piechart meta graphjam - 7736110080
Created by GoddersUK ( Via )

Graphjam Is Only Seventh!?

brony graphjam infographic memebase self referential - 5544674048
Created by itroitnyah

Interest in American Idol

American Idol graphjam Music reality tv TV - 1675832064
Created by DanaDescartes

Things you do/have and where it gets you

failblog free time graphjam hospital stupidity venn diagram youtube - 2693480448
Created by benderboyboy

GraphJam and Me

graphjam graphs situational humor - 1714936576
Created by flashstorm


color graphjam rainbow - 4456334336
Created by iamlegit ( Via )

Chance of having a graph complained about

complain graphjam murphys law typos - 1769922304
Created by Unknown
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