We Could All Learn Something Here

cheezburger grammar graphjam learning Pie Chart spelling - 4259899136
Created by H3nQ

Difficulty of Task as Perceived by the Average Person

average Bar Graph cooking correct difficulty easy grammar hard meal person spelling task - 2543504896
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On the subject of Grammatical Errors...

complain computer errors grammar hypocrites internet - 2315561216
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And in Conclusn...

grammar mistake Pie Chart presentation - 5658533888
Created by StarsHallelujah

Perhaps You Should Pay Better Attention

FAIL grammar Pie Chart reading school - 4548597760
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I Swear to God If There Is One Tiny Grammatical Mistake...

Bar Graph grammar hate interwebs - 5760468992
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grammar happiness Pie Chart - 5411844352
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Likelihood of Finding Proper Grammar on the Internet

grammar internet men spelling technology women - 1503697152
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This Graph Literally Made Me Lol

best of week grammar literally lol Pie Chart - 5380888320
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Uses of Semicolons in Texts

grammar punctuation texts semicolon - 7327685632
Created by JasonFerrie

Id Est

FAIL grammar latin Pie Chart - 4834926592
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grammar money people Pie Chart Starbucks university work - 3599287552
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It Looks Like You're Writing a Letter

errors grammar microsoft Office Pie Chart word - 4691514624
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How to get likes on your Facebook comment

facebook grammar likes Pie Chart - 6462512384
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Results of Misspelling or Grammatical Erriors on the Internet

computers errors grammar internet misspellings - 2101548288
Created by Adfirmus

computer differences facebook frequency grammar idiot skills venn diagram - 3526290944
Created by newsdude
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