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By Unknown

Time spent eating an orange

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By tabbythenutter

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By SerenityD

Why girls cry

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By Unknown

And Not the Silent But Deadly Kind

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By tanwoo

And Occasionally, Currently Having Sex With

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By peapodtech

What Girls ACTUALLY Do During Sleepovers.

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By yellowlover14

Story Of My Life

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By hates343guiltyspark

Suddenly, Spaghetti Arms

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By oozemaw

Spring Break Activities

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By imartin4

Story of my life

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By Unknown

Or Less...

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By Unknown

100 Boyfriend Requests

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TV Shows Little Girls Watch

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By sippycupofdoom

What's Going On Underneath Them Jeans?

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By doctorobert

Kiss Me (Silent But) Deadly

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By JonnyH211
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