The Key to Success

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Via Bite

Men Who Stay Up All Night to Watch Girls While They Sleep

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Created by DrRandomness

Chances of a geek trying to hit on a girl

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Created by czaries

Spring Break Activities

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Created by imartin4

Story of my life

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Classic: It's a Trap!

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She's Got a Huge... Personality

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I Think You Missed a Spot, Kiddo

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She Can See Sound?

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Created by xkdbyf

What people think of you VS how many girls you are with

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Created by catni

The Girl Paradox

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Created by gilgatex

Arguments, How Do They Work?

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Created by dcsooner

The Amount of Girl Gamers on World of Warcraft

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Created by staridragon

Things Dora the Explorer has accomplished teaching little girls

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Created by Unknown

Why girls cry

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Replotted: You'd Be Lucky to Get Any Girl

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