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By robstenforever

I Wuv U Sweety!

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By Unknown

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By Shugotenshi

I'm More Than Just a Pair of Ears

ears listening girlfriend - 4504833792
By Brashboy

Things a guy does when he meets a hot girl

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By ranger2009

Likelihood of my parents dropping by for a surprise visit

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By Unknown

How life works

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By viperjet

Where Do They All Come From?

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By Unknown

The Angry Girlfriend Flowchart Never Fails

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By SaulT68W

It's Worse if You Stand Next to Something Ruffly

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Via The High Definite

Things I have to carry

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By alexolson3090

Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend

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By Xen

She Always Cares

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By cincy_rob

Take It When You Can Get It

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By Unknown

Uncomfortable Compliments

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By sticky_feet

Your Girlfriend Isn't Obligated to Think You're a Comedian

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By Unknown
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