Can I Stay With You?

wtf friend idiots - 4503117824
By TyphoidMarty

annoying child friend giant grandma kicker mom movies Popcorn rap ringtones seat sit spill standing texting venn diagram - 3364317952
By miz_reesez

Methods of translating words from English to Spanish

class english friend latin Pie Chart remember spanish word - 3125177088
By DisSleeper

I'm Sure It Can Wait

friend morning problems texting Pie Chart - 5312524544
By candygal101100

Why I Have a Password on My Phone

password phone friend facebook - 7308222464
By Unknown

Why people think I'm a lesbian.

first-person shooters friend guys hate lesbian movies twilight - 2262830336
By xGothiChickx

In It to Win It

cake birthday friend - 7651780864
By Unknown

When You Look At Your Cell Phone

alone bored busy cell phone checking class friend lecture look Pie Chart time yelling - 2919905024
By UbiquitousPhantom

When you tell your friend their breath stinks

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By sonotoriginal

Time my hair looks good

Bar Graph friend good hair home looks out perfect pretty school sucks - 2998158080
By Unknown

People you believe

believe book friend people Pie Chart professional talking website wikipedia - 2499503872
By The_mE

It's Not Normally This Lame, I Swear

Awkward episode friend Pie Chart - 4933357824

It's Shaped Like a Penis for a Reason

drawing drunk friend marker notes Pie Chart sharpie - 4470747904
By Ada-lost-life

Probability of your browser freezing

browser computer freezing friend internet lolcats porn weather wife work - 2063088384
By darkwulf

Re: music

band friend like love Music venn diagram - 2432078592
By Unknown

Likability Of People Who Use the Word "Like"

always annoying day friend hour like normal teens word - 2203996928
By Unknown
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