Obnoxiousness of the chipmunk previews

animation chipmunks first kill Line Graph movies now previews second sequels - 3029159936
By IamHasBob

Probability of Calling Someone a Genius

Death first genius mother name write - 2359667456
By Unknown

first movies Pie Chart time warp - 4174979072
By Tzade

first nerd Pie Chart school tests waiting - 4183047936
By teehee989

How Much I Want Something

buy day first month store want - 1657579264
By MeinHandiKatzen

The Only Time I Don't Want to Be FIRST!

best of week first Pie Chart school test - 5255323904
By Red-Octoberr

How hot is that girl?

first girl hot chick later minutes - 2118269696
By Yosterkote

Chances of going first on presenting your school project.

Bar Graph crappy day finish first forgot home partner project school - 2666117888
By Zohnny

I Always Say "You First!"

first Pie Chart purchase theater you - 4240905472
By Unknown

Knowledge vs Time

end exam first knowledge lecture Line Graph time - 3031176960
By turbominkia