My Feelings About Florida

usa feels florida state - 6958758912
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Roller Coaster Fear Level

fear feels Line Graph - 6226530048
By Unknown

I Find This Upsetting

anger Bar Graph best of week feels happy - 5847057152
By tehvenezuelan

Venn Diagram of Feels

best of week feels happy Sad venn diagram - 6157194752
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Pie Chart Reaction to Santorum Leaving the Race

emotions feels Pie Chart politics - 6094831104
By Unknown

The Moods of a Cat

Cats feels - 6137080064
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Valentines Day Statuses

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What Am I Eating at 4 AM

eating feels Pie Chart - 6286623744
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Got Those Feels

Sad feels cry - 7761179392
By SquidInTheSky99

Things which have ruined my life:

feels doctor who Pie Chart - 6919822592
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