Panic Like a Ninny

boss FAIL fear Pie Chart video games zelda - 4699900928
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citizens fear government usa - 2075744512
Created by Aaronware

Interestingly, My Abilities Are the Inverse

driving fear Line Graph mother paranoia - 4641116672
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fear monty python surprise venn diagram - 4103972864
Created by failisland12

I'm Afraid of Anatomy

fear infographic scared - 5351011840
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Flatulence Joy

alone end fart fear gas laugh Line Graph truck - 2497709312
Created by So-someone

Roller Coaster Fear Level

fear feels Line Graph - 6226530048
Created by Unknown

What If the Pilot Goes for a Nap!?

airplanes fear fly Pie Chart - 5181112064
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Project Accomplishement Schedule

avoid fear project schedule time worry - 2297572096
Created by Bailiwick2002

Reasons Why I've feared for my life on a plane

airport bathroom children emergency fear kids plane - 1789198592
Created by AATFC

fear flow chart noise omg scared - 3898855936
Created by jcblm5145

dark fear monster Pie Chart - 3788648192
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Please, We Can Work This Out!

Pie Chart relationships fear - 5364965376
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Elevator Death Ride, Party of One

alone Death elevator fear Pie Chart - 7912303360
Created by markot9

bathroom humor fear Pie Chart poop - 3945625088
Created by EricCieplensky

Sweet Dreams

dreams fear Pie Chart sleeping - 4563068928
Created by rapture45
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