Time for New Friends

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By Unknown

My Favorite Song Comes on the Car Radio

radio FAIL song favorite - 7657252864
By Unknown

DVDs That Get Scratched

animated Bar Graph DVD expensive favorite like little loud Movie sister watch - 3177317376
By faithmrljak

My reaction to deaths in movies

character cry Death dogs favorite happy Line Graph movies normal person reaction - 2610622208
By Loltater

How long my classes take

Bar Graph classes favorite FRIDAY last lunch time - 2663913216
By SleazyP

Time to Upgrade to Internet Radio

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By Unknown

A toddler's favorite words

child favorite no Pie Chart swear words toddler words - 3168112128
By Unknown

When my mom decides to vacuum

carpet dirty favorite mom Pie Chart show TV vacuum - 3266648576
By dethbypie