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That Settles It, Snickers for Breakfast

breakfast fast food infographic McDonald's - 4678864640
Via Mother Nature Network

Are There Really Any Other Options?

college english fast food major Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5873047552
Created by Unknown

Inverse Fry/Ketchup Ratio

fast food food french fries giant ketchup meals monster small - 1850440448
Created by vulturepeak

Taco Bell's 4th meal

ads appearance burgers commercials eat fast food fat food obese package post real life size taco bell TV - 3311174912
Created by SuperErin

bag check drink drive thru fast food french fries ketchup Pie Chart spill - 3429979904
Created by Unknown

Anatomy of a Hard-Shell Taco

fast food taco - 6232937984
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

Kings I'm Familar With

fast food graphjam graphs situational humor - 1714715904
Created by Balmung6

What's in the McRib?

fast food food gross McDonald's - 6175789312
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

How college works

college drive thru exams fast food hard high school study work - 2951002112
Created by lljdude

Portion Sizes Have Grown, and So Have We

best of week fast food health Line Graph obesity - 6260299264
Via The Atlantic

I Am McDisappoint

fast food McDonald's - 5690864640
Created by freeb4llin800

I Have a Huge Hot Sauce Stash

fast food gross infographic McDonald's men - 4853630208

What Does the Scouter Say About Their Ketchup Level

drive thru fast food ketchup over 9000 Pie Chart - 5480193024
Created by Unknown

Do You STILL Want That Big Mac?

best of week fast food - 5913075456
Via silentsketcher

Number of times hands washed daily

clean fast food hands ocd wash - 1483493120
Created by nitrokitty

Dairy Queen Blizzard

blizzard eating fast food - 6276490496
Created by Unknown
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