fast food

fast food McDonald's movies Pie Chart - 4507132672
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Fast food actually looking good

fast food gross Pie Chart commercials reality - 6680943360
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Quantity vs price in restaurants

cost fast food Line Graph McDonald's price restaurant - 2440308480
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Fast Food Items with 1000 Calories and more

calories health obesity infographic fast food - 6889786624
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What Does the Scouter Say About Their Ketchup Level

drive thru fast food ketchup over 9000 Pie Chart - 5480193024
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Burgers by Location

burgers fancy fast food food good junk food tasty - 2244895488
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What's in the McRib?

fast food food gross McDonald's - 6175789312
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Kings I'm Familar With

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Number of times hands washed daily

clean fast food hands ocd wash - 1483493120
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Replotted: Calling It 'Chicken' Is a Little Generous

chicken fast food McDonald's - 5874136832
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Portion Sizes Have Grown, and So Have We

best of week fast food health Line Graph obesity - 6260299264
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Anatomy of a Hard-Shell Taco

fast food taco - 6232937984
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Shapes of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

chicken chicken nuggets circle fast food gross head McDonald's Pie Chart - 3598317056
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Are There Really Any Other Options?

college english fast food major Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5873047552
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Sandwich Terminology

best of week burgers equation fast food meat - 6152375296
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Inverse Fry/Ketchup Ratio

fast food food french fries giant ketchup meals monster small - 1850440448
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