Reasons people hate Twilight

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By Elagia

Reasons that Nine Inch Nails are touring with Jane's Addiction this summer

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Demographic Breakdown of Miley Cyrus Fans

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Offseason Trading Rumors Need to Start Sooner

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Fans of...

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I Have to See How Much Worse This Version Is!

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The kids is probably a better singer than you.

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Which Football Team Has The Most Fanatic Fans?

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By neomam (Via

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Fans, How Annoying Are They?

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Solve: (3 x) (3067 ) 0.1534 i=3 3(.7) i-1 Cumulative I.Q. of Twilight Fans **ERROR: CANNOT DIVIDE BY ZERO**

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This Explains the Comments of "Come to the Ocean!"

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How Games Get On The PC

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Michael Jackson Mourners

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