I'm falling deep in the sky. Slipping into these hilarious vertically challenged puns.

Frodo Leads an Interesting Life

frodo Lord of the Rings falling - 4505257984
Created by maggie9936

Exponential Increase if You're Wearing White or a Skirt

Bar Graph dating embarrassment falling - 4595960064
Created by RileyPR

Level of Noise stairs make vs. How late you get home

falling fat guy late Line Graph noises stairs time - 2433159424
Created by Superdupermexican

Did I Stain Anything?

embarrassing falling Pie Chart public - 5124054784
Created by Rjealy

Most likely side for toast to land

butter down falling piece plate toast - 1910185216
Created by Dlcs18

If You Fall, You Will Die... of Embarrassment

Bar Graph best of week dying falling - 5597863168
Created by Unknown