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Replotted: I'm Just That Manly

beard facial hair laziness manly Pie Chart - 6366673920
By Unknown

How Long Have You Lived in Austin

mustache facial hair texas - 6991376640
Via Pleated Jeans

Venn Denzelgram

facial hair glasses venn diagram - 4449828096
By Unknown


god beard facial hair gandalf wizards santa power magic - 6854080512
Via Stephen Wildish

So, Who's Next, Chewbacca?

bad guys beard bin Laden facial hair Line Graph - 4717677312
By Unknown

Laziness: the Leading Cause of Beards

beards best of week facial hair laziness Pie Chart - 5394513408
By Unknown

A Source of Righteous Fury, or Overwhelming Tyranny

best of week crime facial hair law mustache mustaches - 5415044096
By SirKilmoreRyan (Via Bite)

The Real Movember Reasons

american facial hair money mustaches - 7907323392
By Unknown

Somebody Buy That Man a Razor

facial hair infographic mario moustaches nintendo - 4638541568
By Lolcat3500

The Real Reason Men Love Beards

Chart facial hair comic manly beards funny - 7625748992
Via Doghouse Diaries

What older people really mean when they describe a black guy as "clean cut"

act beard black clean cut facial hair guy neat old people sideburns - 1775510272
By viscera_eyes

Corrected Beard Attractiveness Graph

beard facial hair Line Graph - 7847214848
By Chewie007

Sometimes Laziness Is Manliness

beards best of week facial hair laziness Pie Chart - 6352796672
By lolfadi

Handy Walt Chart-o-Faces

breaking bad facial hair - 7728135680
Via Vulture

GraphJam: Facial Hair Chart

facial hair hitler - 5756426496
By deadmeat1492 (Via Graph Jam)

The Marx Brothers

accents facial hair Music - 1639957760
By DocJ
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