Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery

facebook friends internet suck welcome - 1811299072
Created by thepacz

Mods Are Sooooo Dumb

facebook Pie Chart status stupidity - 4326226432

Facebook Walls

likes facebook Pie Chart - 7705502720
Created by SoKawii170

I See No Problem With This

beach facebook Pie Chart - 5742596864
Created by leverdefesses2000

Data Hungry Apps

data hungry facebook apps friends infographic - 6636969728
Created by kitteh_pleaz ( Via Zonealarm )

What I do on Facebook

creying facebook Pie Chart - 6970391552
Created by kitteh411

Why do I even look anymore

facebook Pie Chart - 7056818688
Created by ke5ehi

If You Were Really My Friend You'd Sing It

Pie Chart facebook IRL - 5371297024
Created by shineeful

Remember When We Called It a Stalker Feed?

facebook Line Graph new - 5226307328
Created by AnthonyS


email facebook Pie Chart spam - 4722963968
Created by Mintflower95

They'd Be So Useful Today

facebook wtf - 5226481152
Via Pleated-Jeans

Valentines Day Statuses

feels status update facebook - 7042176256
Created by Unknown

The 1% non overlap may be a statistical error

facebook venn diagram - 6665576448
Created by Unknown

Behind the Like

like facebook infographic - 7074668800
Via Boostlikes

Facebook political statuses.

political facebook Pie Chart - 7110535680
Created by allenrw3


pie charts facebook graphs funny - 7576409600
Created by klopek007
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