Facebook "Recommend a Friend"

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By willroff
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Good Thing You Can Still Find Dirty Pictures on Social Media Sites

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Facebook Walls

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By SoKawii170

If You Were Really My Friend You'd Sing It

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By shineeful

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By Unknown

Facebook statuses during a storm

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By fareason

I Don't Want It Anymore

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Via world-shaker

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By mashabedda

"Like It or Unfriend It"

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By TheTrainerH (Via

But I'm SO Funny

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By pilif12p2

Remember When We Called It a Stalker Feed?

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By AnthonyS

How to get likes on your Facebook comment

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By Unknown

Facebook, when it snows outside.

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By Unknown

Social Media Explained

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Via Lol Post

Comments on any of my Graphic Design Projects via Facebook

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By Unknown

Friends Don't Let Friends Facebook Drunk

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By The0Replyer
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