Frozen Meals

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By graphjamusername

What replying 'maybe' to attending a Facebook event really means

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By Unknown
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The World's Obsessed with Facebook

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If Social Networks Were People

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By imnotjarry (Via

The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

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By kitteh_pleaz (Via Confused )

Facebook political statuses.

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By allenrw3

When Life Gives You Lemons

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By Greeny

Mods Are Sooooo Dumb

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Anatomy of a Facebook Complaint

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Total Number of Hours: More Than I'd Like to Admit

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By Bella33

Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery

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By thepacz

To Forget to Log Out of Facebook

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By Old_Sandwich

Facebook Friends, Y U So Flaky?

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By roughly22over7

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Comments on any of my Graphic Design Projects via Facebook

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By Unknown
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