Would You Like Another Basket?

expensive food meal Pie Chart - 4543758848
Created by Nik

Feline Dietary Preferences

cat coins design eat eating expensive feline food venn diagram - 2739479552
Created by cflwarrior

Vacation Planning

afford design expensive kids planning vacation venn diagram wife - 2876413952
Created by ethansdad

Headphone Paradox

cheap expensive fit good headphones paradox quality sound trust venn diagram - 2798522880
Created by Rickey123

Shoe Shopping

arm comfortable expensive feet leg looking nice shoes shopping size ugly venn diagram - 2792591872
Created by whisperedkiss

The cost of a plain white T-shirt

cheap cost expensive fashion magazines money shirt t shirts Walmart white - 2058784000
Created by darkwulf


bills cell phone expensive insurance parents - 1892276992
Created by Unknown

why i don't buy infomercial items

buy cost expensive infomercial Pie Chart shipping - 3266325248
Created by daniellenicole13

Driving Like an a**hole vs. Cost of Vehicle

asshole cheap cost driving expensive Line Graph vehicle - 2666536448
Created by TruckinPapa

Have Babies, ?, Profit

Babies expensive Line Graph tlc - 5413532928
Created by ElEspecial

Healthiness of food vs. cost of food

cost debt doctor expensive food free hurt kill Line Graph lose no weight - 2731673344
Created by Aqp

The Most Expensive Legal Battles In History [Infographic]

expensive money - 7343134976
Created by neomam ( Via Crofton's Injury Claims )

Division of money spent at movies.

expensive money movies Popcorn theatre - 1394462464
Created by thesuperherosam

What My grandparents do on their $1000 Computer

computer expensive games Pie Chart useful - 3172752128
Created by qwerty121


apple computers expensive ipad iphone money Pie Chart - 6461658880
Created by Unknown

And Occasionally Making Graphs...

cell phones computer expensive internet laptop Pie Chart umbrella - 6427353856
Created by Walkerville
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