Who is most likely to run you over

Bar Graph cars driving elderly over run - 2888109312
By simplyk

Believed Maturity of Cursing vs. Age

adults age children curse words cursing elderly old teens young - 2186368256
By way2odd

How fast you think you are going Vs. Actual speed.

adult Bar Graph elderly fast grandma speed - 3025563392
By Briguy

Fear of Teenagers

20s 30s 60s elderly fear kids teenagers - 2254365952
By chrisrichards

Age vs Tactfulness

adult age child elderly fat Line Graph loud small teen - 2816595968
By soul_grafitti

Amount of Swears per Conversation

age amount conversation elderly Line Graph old swears teenagers young - 3031071232
By Dumbface

Types at the gym

elderly fit gay gym men people types - 2943012352
By graphs1001