When I bite into a taco

eating food messy Pie Chart tacos - 6342388224
By Unknown

Mm, That's So Good

eating Pie Chart pr0n sounds that sounds naughty - 4946597632

Pie > Turkey

eating pie Pie Chart pumpkin pie thanksgiving Turkey - 5472214016
Via Pleated Jeans

Things That Attract My Cat's Attention

attention Cats eating food hand interest junk mine - 1769118464
By Artscrafter

Why Did I Eat the Whole Thing?

eating Pie Chart - 5636821760
By KemitTheFrog

You Do Realize There Are Snacks, Right?

Bar Graph eating parties snacks - 6613837568
Via Bite

Replotted: Same Thing, Really

dogs eating flow chart food toddlers - 5853314560
By kristinawhite182

Should Eat That Bacon?

best of week delicious bacon eating flow chart food - 6321264640
Via Science, Love and LSD

Things a Zombie Would Do

brains eating michael jackson zombie - 1871253248
By Unknown

A Better Food Pyramid

pizza eating food pyramid - 7017363456
By Unknown

Time spent watching a movie

bathroom drink eating mouth movies phones Pie Chart plot Popcorn understand watching - 2366872320
By Unknown

It's so Much Better Raw!

Bar Graph cookies cooking eating - 4625676032
By chibi-kat

Stuff Your Face, Responsibly

eating food leftovers - 6399092992
By buckles_b (Via Bite)

What Am I Eating at 4 AM

eating feels Pie Chart - 6286623744
Via Laugh at Myself

Time Spent at Six Flags

amusement parks eating losing rides six flags waiting walking yelling - 2036405504
By Unknown

Signs you're at a bad Restaurant

restaurant eating - 6962439680
By markot9
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