Chances of Marketing Phonecall vs Activity

eating marketing nothing phone calls poop sleeping telemarketer toilet TV watching - 2063004416
By hestasrewind

Why Do I Even Try?

eating fork frustrating infographic - 4746780928
Via Pleated-Jeans

Amounts of Snacks Eaten During Movies

ads before cinema during eating junk food movies Pie Chart snacks theater - 2554466048
By Unknown

I'll Have What the Dog's Having

chicken nuggets dog food eating Pie Chart play-doh toddlers - 4330185216
By Unknown

Why I Usually Eat Soup Out of Coffee Mugs

eating food life soup venn diagram - 4622691584
By chibi-kat

dentist eating floss food Line Graph lying - 4227268096
By Unknown

What Was I Doing Again?

eating fridge Pie Chart thinking - 6153745920
By Unknown

How People React When I Tell Them I'm Vegetarian

best of week eating food Pie Chart respect vegan vegetarian - 6331259392
By buckles_b (Via Bite)

What Cinnamon Toast Ceral Commercials Teach Kids

breakfast cereal commercials eat eating friends important Pie Chart teach - 3247525888
By gigglemonster8

Things That Attract My Cat's Attention

attention Cats eating food hand interest junk mine - 1769118464
By Artscrafter

Pie > Turkey

eating pie Pie Chart pumpkin pie thanksgiving Turkey - 5472214016
Via Pleated Jeans

Serving Sizes Then vs Now

eating fat food obese - 6207153408
By Unknown

When I bite into a taco

eating food messy Pie Chart tacos - 6342388224
By Unknown

Mm, That's So Good

eating Pie Chart pr0n sounds that sounds naughty - 4946597632

Anatomy of a Picnic Table

anatomy eating food gross - 6331651840
By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

Time to eat an Orange

eating fruit oranges Pie Chart seeds - 6486301696
By Unknown
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