Singers at a Karaoke bar

bar dancing drunk karaoke sing - 1821956864
Created by poptartninja

The Big Three

artists best of week drunk poor venn diagram - 6098261248
Created by buckles_b ( Via Bite )

Level of attraction between me and the waitress versus drinks taken

attractive drinking drunk waitress - 1840396544
Created by nevillesingular

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!

drunk - 4829286400
Via Aras Kanani

Drunk People Are Natural Lyricists

drunk lyrics Pie Chart - 7867499520
Created by kinuman

Bar Graph drunk exercise friend health laugh nothing war - 3366034688
Created by Chagrin

Sharpie markers purpose

boxes drunk DVD friends markers painting sharpie - 2943755776
Created by xalfeiran

College Flow Chart Win

drunk note flow chart college - 6761854976
Created by b.k.

Types of 911 calls I've answered tonight

911 call drunk emergency idiots - 1453128448
Created by sig20

It's the Only Costume You Need!

costume halloween Pie Chart drunk alcohol - 5364755968
Created by Unknown

Pictures of me that other people tag on facebook

drunk facebook internet - 1743195904
Created by the_rog

Car Horn Duration vs. What the Driver is Thinking

cars drive drunk horns - 2355941120
Created by kazluaz

Should I go to Class Today?

classmates drunk FAIL flow chart halo no pants professor test yes - 3339988224
Created by fishmalk

Drunk vs Funny

drunk Line Graph - 6458571008
Created by Unknown

Also a Good Indicator of Drunkenness

bar Bar Graph drunk men women - 4774296320
Created by scott8919

Bar Graph drunk karaoke lyrics - 3942263296
Created by Unknown
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