bag check drink drive thru fast food french fries ketchup Pie Chart spill - 3429979904
Created by Unknown

What people do with Pop Rocks

drink eat food people Pie Chart - 3263840000
Created by Schmordy

Working From Home

avoid drink font home lunch Pie Chart porn searching work working youtube - 3095365888
Created by redGiant_Creative

enjoyment of Army life

army Bar Graph buy drink life miles military run - 2394905856
Created by xenofreak7

couch drink energy drinks people Pie Chart TV watching - 3464968192
Created by mcghieezle

awesome Awkward Bar Graph container crap drink full hand junk food pringles snacks stuck - 3364292352
Created by jchausse

Proximity of Kleenex Box by Situation

Bar Graph box bug clean drink empty glasses sneeze spill - 3221826560
Created by FordManGuy


drink Pie Chart - 6535094784
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whats in snapple

drink flavor food ingredients juice junk food tea water - 3353818368
Created by Unknown

When you will take a sip of coffee while driving

coffee drink driving highway Pie Chart - 2616746752
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At No Point Is It Drinkable

coffee cold drink lava Line Graph - 5750053888
Created by Davus55

Time spent watching a movie

bathroom drink eating mouth movies phones Pie Chart plot Popcorn understand watching - 2366872320
Created by Unknown

Chance I'll spill coffee on myself, by color of my shirt

Bar Graph black blue brown chance coffee color drink shirt spill white - 3017113856
Created by geiiga

Do You Still Want That Gallon Mug of Coke

best of week drink health soda sugar - 6078871040
Created by Unknown

Contents of a McDonald's Iced Coffee

coffee contents drink ice McDonald's Pie Chart - 2737580544
Created by Spoonmaster